hangin' to the tunes of doom

by SOP

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Tischwürze Haut auf jeden Fall rein! Muss ich auch endlich mal wieder live sehen. Favorite track: QUESTION TO MAINTAIN.
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released December 4, 2013



all rights reserved


SOP Köln, Germany

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Look into my eyes/ tell me what do you see?/ is it the man i was
or what's become of me?/ but no matter what/ you keep sticking to

No more questions/ no more answers/ we keep on drowning with our anchors/

we keep it under our skin/ not for the world to see/ always
substance over everything/ that's what my life should be

'cause we've been thrown out/ misfits who don't belong/ always substance over
everything/ this path will lead us home

And you learned nothing over the years/ your false intentions/ the masks you wear/ will lead you closer to the edge/

think you evolved but you were long time dead
Survival of the fittest and death to all the weak/ society of hypocrites all living on their knees/ passion and soul traded for the dollar/
history repeats itsself/ dragged out by the collar

don't you teach me about the meaning of life/ we're free to live and learn/ to make up our own minds/

I'm taking back what's mine

Our hearts are build to break and to bend

Suffer and resist until we disband/ and slip into nothingness/
something you will never ever understand
All day everyday i switch on the news/ stories of sorrow and death and which products to use/ life is sold /so cheap/ this solid routine of spreading fear and crime to keep us in line

What more does it take?
For you to see straight?
The life they sell
It never worked for me

Who will restore my faith in these hopeless days?
i see it caving in on us/ digging our own graves
the machine we built has turned its back on us
you call it progress/ you took the bait
society of fools going down the drain
going down the drain

i won't let you educate me/or fall prey to your lies
yeah i'll bite the hand that feeds
'cause when it all comes down at the end of the day
i only owe to myself/ always question to maintain

you only got yourself to blame.
You down with the rest of us?/ i know you're backing up/
we stick together kid and you don't wanna mess with us/ no time
for bullshit here/ go on and persevere/ or fall in line with the cowards/ reigned by fear

this ain't no fake shit/ this is real talk/ we ain't here to stay/
we're here to piss the world off/ life-long sentence/ walking
with open eyes/ don't you tell me who to be/

We don't need you on our side

They try to blind me/ they try to judge me/ but you can't silence
what i've become/ just a product of discontent/ brave enough to fail/

I'd rather die chasing truth/ than remain in this fucking hell
Track Name: LIFE DEBT
I've been down to the bottom/where my feet lost solid ground/ i'm still struggling with frustration/ buried head inside the ground/ i got this one-way ticket/ force myself to not look back/ though i'm rooted in strong soil/ focused mind on what's ahead

what made you give it all away?
What made you lie your weapons down?

Face against the wind I/ say what i have to say/
won't ever give this thing up/ won't give it all away/
and when they all will leave you/ know that i'm here to stay..
life debts/ choose to make the best of it

Scars from the past that i wear open wide/ still no saviour in sight

you owe this to noone but yourself
get busy living/ get busy dying

it's up to you to walk that road.